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 Once upon a time, in a land where myths and legends still roamed free, there was a sorceress known as Kirki. Her powers were the stuff of legend, and many a hero had fallen under her spell. One such hero was Odysseus, who had to overcome many trials before he could return home.

And so, it is said that Kirki, inspired by the tales of Odysseus, crafted a pair of sandals that were as magical as her powers. The Kirki sandals were a wonder to behold, crafted with soft, buttery metallic leather that seemed to shimmer like the sea. The intricate embroidery of macrame pearl and metal motifs was a tribute to the myths of ancient Greece, and the chunky pearl was a symbol of the treasures that Odysseus sought.

As soon as anyone slipped their feet into Kirki, they were transported to a magical world, where they could walk on clouds and dance with the stars. The soft footbed adjusted to the contours of the feet, while the exquisite embroidery cast a spell of enchantment and beauty.

For those who seek adventure and enchantment, the Kirki sandals are a reminder of the power of imagination and the endless possibilities that await us on our journey.

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Each Elina Linardaki piece is individually made to order so they may take up to 15-25 working days to produce in our studio in Athens, Greece.

This piece is handmade in an unique and artisan way so not one pair is the same with the other.

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